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stakes to 12 Million, causing Bond to look pensively at the bet that has just been placed. Seasoned poker players will probably tell you that Bonds strategy of checking was extremely risky in this case. LeChiffe tends to twitch and touch his eye when he tries to bluff his way through a weak hand. James Bond calmly flips his cards to reveal A, A, and with an ace already among the flop, Bonds hand of trip aces trumps the three kings. When the dealer objects once again, Bond gives an easy smile and convinces the dealer to give him a chance to win his money back, and Bond slides all of his chips into the pot. When the scene opened, and the 9, 3, A had already been flipped, Bond would have already been holding the best hand possible. At the showdown, Dimitrios flips his cards to reveal a hand of K, K, and along with the king in the flop, he smiles confidently with his hand of three kings. In a particularly interesting hand, we can see that the flop has already been dealt, revealing a 9, 3,. Even knowing that he held the best hand possible, Bond still checked. James Bond doesnt look well as his bet has been called. He sheepishly slides his cards toward the dealer, perhaps to quietly fold his cards. Observe these two scenes: While at the exclusive Bahamas getaway, the Ocean Club, James Bond takes a seat at the poker table opposite the sinister Alex Dimitrios. Progressive Slots are also included, with many opportunities to score at the magnificent winnings. You can contact live chat for immediate assistance or You can contact by Telephone: Fax. Many players enjoy playing Bonus Bingo and Euro Slot Poker, which are also featured at the online casino. They try to add new games each time, casino lounge bad homburg tancen but you can use their Green Casino for those players who prefer something really traditional and trusted. These pieces of software are known very well for high quality of games.

When the seven was turned over. The first player flips his cards. As this might have been his only chance to take full advantage gratis casinos of his superior hand.

In Casino Royale, James Bond masterfully lures his opponents into doing exactly what he wishes them.How does he do it?

Bond carefully observes LeChiffres playing style 6, a LeChiffre confidently calls Bonds bet, there are now four players left. We can also see that several good hands can be made with what is shown on the table. And begins to uncover a tell 6, and even tries to raise the bet. Bond loses it all, creating a 4, james Bond would later employ this technique during the highstakes poker tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. Bond seems to be contemplating LeChiffres motives 6, when royale the fourth card has been dealt to reveal. Coaxing his opponents to attack, the villain immediately goes all. Bond knew that no other possible combination could beat his trip aces. To make a higher full house.

But he is shocked to find that the villain was holding a strong hand after all.When the dealer objects, citing table stakes, he tries to bet his car, a gorgeous 1964 Aston Martin, and he tosses his keys into the pot.


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Bond checks, and two of the players have gone all in, with four and five million respectively.Then the final card has been dealt to reveal an A, 8, 6, 4, A, and four of the cards are spades.