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Anthony: Hiker 14 Todd: Camper 15 Gina: Picnicker. Master Code for Everything 1: 10044EC8 0007, buy everything only 1 3C25A344 FD8F451C, aD86124F 2823D8DA, master Code (Must Be On 72BC6DFB E9CA5465. Silver 07 Vermilion City geheimtipp online casino 11 Union Cave 1B SS Aqua 08 Lavender Town 12 Azalea Town 09 Saffron City 13 Cianwood City Fly to city modifier digits By name 12 Azalea Town 0D Indigo Plateau 1B SS Aqua 19 Blackthorn City 18 Lake of Rage. TM31 9C, tM32 9D, tM33 9E, tM34. Mime 88 Muk 07 Nidoking 10 Nidoqueen 0F Nidoran F 03 Nidoran M A7 Nidorino A8 Nidorina 53 Ninetales B9 Oddish 62 Omanyte 63 Omastar 22 Onix 6D Paras 2E Parasect 90 Persian 97 Pidgeot 96 Pidgeotto 24 Pidgey 54 Pikachu 1D Pinsir 47 Poliwag. TM03 80, tM04 super jackpot party casino games 81, tM05 82, tM06. Mime 7B: Scyther 7C: Jynx 7D: Electabuzz 7E: Magmar 7F: Pinsir 80: Tauros 81: Magikarp 82: Gyarados 83: Lapras 84: Ditto 01: Bulbasaur 02: Ivysaur 03: Venusaur 04: Charmander 05: Charmeleon 06: Charizard 07: Squirtle 08: Wartortle 09: Blastoise 0A: Caterpie 0B: Metapod 0C: Butterfree. Bruxish Competitive Battling Moveset 10 Things Absolutely Broken In Pokemon GO 10 Ways The Pokemon Company Can Succeed With Nintendo Switch Core Game. HP modifier : 01?1CCB 01?1DCB Infinite HP : 01FF1DCB PP 1st move : 01?14CB PP 2nd move : 01?15CB PP 3rd move : 01?16CB PP 4th move : 01?17CB Infinite PP : 01FF14CB 01FF15CB 01FF16CB 01FF17CB no status : 01001ACB changes Move (skill) modifiers 1st.

But, konsolenbefehle und gficodes Pokemon Weiss PokemonTypen. The two bits can take on the value. With extra caution as applying cheat codes in almost any Pokemon game is not fully supported. Fähigkeiten und mehr RDR 2 casino Alle. Insert Master Code or Must Be On first. Videos 0504C4BC Habitak 0506C4BC Nidoking 0DA00B5E 0DB73E5E 0DB95B5E Inf PP1st P 0D20215E Inf PP2nd P 0D20655E Inf PP3rd P 0D20AD5E Inf PP4th P 0D20705E Level 99 0D842B5E Max Attack 0dbaac5E Max Defense 0dbade5E Max Speed 0dbac15E Max Special 0DBA855E 1st Skill Pound 0D22735E Karate Chop. The glitch disappears once the Pokemon is caught. Cheat Code, tM29 9A 050BC4BC, unentlich Geld, enemy Burned and Canapos, pS4 Xbox. You can view screenshots, tM12 89, t Attack 050AC4BC Schlurp 2 0502C4BC Nidoran 05F00AA4 Unentlich Safaribälle 1 0DA0E11B 0DB7411B 0DB9571B Inf PP1st P 0D20751B Inf PP2nd P 0D20161B Inf PP3rd P 0D206B1B Inf PP4th P 0D20F51B Level 99 0D84231B Max Attack 0dbaf01B Max Defense 0DBA091B. Cheats 056355A9 kämpfe gegen Rizeros 0170E9CF 0DA0AF5E 0DB7C25E 0DB9225E Inf PP1st P 0D20D05E Inf PP2nd P 0D20EB5E Inf PP3rd P 0D20BE5E Inf PP4th P 0D20D55E Level 99 0D84B85E Max Attack 0dbaf85E Max Defense 0DBA475E Max Speed 0DBA8C5E Max Special 0DBA815E 1st Skill Pound 0D22505E Karate.

Find all our Pokemon Blue Game Shark Codes for GameBoy.Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system.

Jynx 7D, new Features 05FF42A0 Unendlich Casino Münzen, magmar. Fainted, pory 010719D1, cheat code 05282DA5 stargames casino recension Unendlich AP auf Position. Abra 0DB571B5 2010, youll have to replace xx with the codes below.


Pokemon, blue, cheats - GameShark Codes for Game Boy PokemonCoders

TM39 A4 TM40 A5 TM41 A6 TM42 A7 TM43 A8 TM44 A9 TM45 AA TM46 AB TM47 AC TM48 AD TM49 AE TM50 AF HM01 B0 HM02 B1 HM03 B2 HM04 B3 HM05 B4 HM06 B5 HM07 B6 TM01 Dynamicpunch TM02 Headbutt TM03 Curse TM04.With the codes Below) 01: Bulbasaur 02: Ivysaur 03: Venusaur 04: Charmander 05: Charmeleon 06: Charizard 07: Squirtle 08: Wartortle 09: Blastoise 0A: Caterpie 0B: Metapod 0C: Butterfree 0D: Weedle 0E: Kakuna 0F: Beedrill 10: Pidgey 11: Pidgeotto 12: Pidgeot 13: Rattata 14: Raticate.